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dark maid


MY LIFE: My stories

and the story goes on...

The Result of My Toefl iBt test
dark maid
So, on mid of last month, I took a TOEFL iBT test. This test is needed as a requirement for MBA scholarship provided by my company. The minimum requirement score for the next phase is 90, and luckily I was able to hit 91.

I already submited my score to the judging team, and at the same day, I got email from the team to invite me to attend class for GMAT preparation for 1 month, starting this July 15th.

I still have a duty to achieve score 100 for TOEFL iBT and 600 for GMAT. I know that I need to study harder from now on. FYI, for the result test above, I only spared 1 week to focus on studying before the test. I know for sure, if I give my effort a little further, I can reach the target.

Anyway, about this MBA program, my company offers us it's employee to pursue our study to MBA level. However, we are only allowed to choose one of the top 50 MBA school in the world. Which school that I will take if I can pass the all test here? Dunno, maybe I will consult with my peers who have gone abroad prior to us. I think, I will also search the informations on the internet. I'm sure there are many articles available which can give us more information about recommended school that we can pick as options.

So guys, please kindly pray for me. You know, this is such big opportunity for me. The school is for free, I will give it a shot at my best effort!!!

Happy New Year 2015
dark maid
Happy New Year 2015, minna-san!!!!

I know that it has been like ages since the last time I updated my journal.
You know, real life has kept me busy like an ant to work his ass to find delicious foods to survive (?)

I just hope that this year will be a great year for me, for my work, for my career, for my family, for everything

So, the night before the year of 2014 came to end, I felt a little bit sick
My friends invited me to celebrate end of year by flying the lampion up. Too bad I had to reject their offer and at the time I went to bed at 9 pm. You know what? I thought that I'll wake the day after, at least around 6-7 am at Jan 1st of 2015, but I woke up at 23.30 of Dec 31st of 2014. So from my windows, in the loneliness, I watched the fireworks (I had tried very hard to sleep again but I just couldn't close my eyes). That was my sad story at the end of 2014 hahahahaha

Ok, enough for this time...
Bye ^^

The Resurrection
dark maid

To make it short, recently the world of scanlantion has been shaken by the resurrection of a group which had been marked as the most troublesome group in the world.

This hateful group always do something that anger other groups by sharing others' works without permission.

I can understand it very well, it's like your hard work have never been appreciated at all. Who the hell are people in the world that want something like that?

Yeah I know that this thing is something complicated. But at least I can learn to be more respectful towards other people's doing.

Yes...let's become more responsible. You respect people, people will respect you too. That's for sure...

Happy New Year 2014
dark maid
Everyone, I just want to say:

May we get stronger & happier than ever in this year!!!!

First Post from Iphone
dark maid

Hello, so I just bought an Iphone. Actually it's a second hand phone but I must admit that the previous owner really took good care of this handheld. Almost no scratches found, I even bought silicon casing to protect it even more hehehehe

So, I hope that I can be more active by posting via this mobile app. Mostly I commented on other livejournal forums though :P

Have a good day everyone...

dark maid
Hello all, it's been a long time since the last time I've updated my journal
It looks like there has been so many things I've done, yet I just did play around too much hahaha

Ok. Today I was going to learning center of my company because for this whole week I must attend training.
Today we learned about marketing analysis and product development
There aren't many things I've remembered, but I always remember about STP
What's that? That is Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

My tutor said that it can be  applied in many field, not only limited to Product Development itself

Anyway, I just got home at 4.30 pm. It's a rare chance to go home this early hahaha

Busy week
dark maid
So, yesterday is my 5th non-free saturday
Recently, I've got so many things to do related to work. Yesterday I had to present in my company gathering
The event ran for overly 5 hours so I was a bit tired
Next yesterday I must go to my friend's wedding.

Fyuuhh, I really miss my free Saturday :D 

I love my glasses
magic cat

I'm wearing glasses recently. Yes, I have a small problem when seeing far object especially when reading something, they look blur. I'm still able to read though. but that's really inconvinient, right?....
Anyway, I feel like I'm a bit more stylish. I chose a black thick frame, so I look like a bookworm, but it's the trend now *following Korean Style hohoho</p>

Yosh... I have my confidence now!!!!


Livejournal app on my Tab
magic cat

I was searching livejournal app on google store while wondering if it was actually there. Then I found it!!!!


So this is my first post made from my G-Tab 7.7 hohohoho
Sometimes, I feel lazy to write anything since I have to turn on my notebook first. But now I think I'll update more often since I always bring my tablet everywhere


Ok, now I must pack my stuffs into my travel bag. I'm going to Jakarta tomorrow. I hope everything will be fine


Night all....


Watching 3 Movies in a Week
lonely rain
This week, I have watched 3 movies. KAHAANI, 5 CM, and THE HOBBITS

First, Kahaani. The story is about a pregnant woman who is in searching of his missing husband. As the story goes, there's a big picture in the missingness of his husband. She try to discover the truth and you'll never expected the ending. I must say that this movie is awesome, not just typical indian movies. Rate of 5 stars, I give it 5 stars!!!

Second, 5 cm. The story tells about friendship of 5 people. One day they decided to part way for about 3 month and focus to their pending goals. After 3 month passed, They meet again and the adventure is starting. I think this movie can be categorized as tourism promotional video of Indonesia since it sells the beauty of some Indonesian places.
Fortunately the ending is good because I felt that the story is too boring. Sometimes I also laughed since the main actor is funny too. I give it 3 stars.

The last one, The Hobbits. It has relation with my favourite movie, The Lord of The Rings. The story is about Bilbo Baggins's adventure. Bilbo is Frodo's grandfather. Gandalf still plays in this movie. The story is good. I think you should watch it yourself. I give it 4 stars

Ok, that's from me. Have a nice sunday!!!