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dark maid


MY LIFE: My stories

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Complaint Handling
dark maid
This past two days, my company held an event as a 14th anniversary celebration. It took a form as discount program in our Big Supermarket partner. For every our credit card member who transacted there, they would received cashback voucher 50%.

First, we just estimated that there would be crowd, but we were gonna be able to handle it. Too bad, the response from our customers was too good. The supermarket was like a sea of human. The problem started since the redemption process began. The queue was too long, so many customers made complaint, especially there was only one team who proceed the redemption at booth. The only solution was making the redemption process divided into 2 days.

Then, there was a misunderstanding in the FAQ. We as internal team decided that one member only allowed transcating once. But several of our customer had called our call center. Unfortunately, our call center did not receive the last updated FAQ so some bias appeared. In order to avoid a hard complaint from customer, we decided to proceed all customer's transaction. Even my boss joint forces with us to handle every customer that was complaining.

It was a hard day but finally we can finish all the task. Every customer had redeem their voucher. I just hope next year we can do better and there will be no complaint anymore hehe