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dark maid


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Do you believe in UFO?
dark maid
Ok, today's subject: do you actually believe that there's living thing out there, far beyond the sky?
These past days, I've read Nube-sensei manga. I really loves this manga because there are so many ghost stories in there and I know various of ghost-type that are believed to be existing by people in Japan.
In Indonesia, there are many types of ghosts that we believe, maybe exist and actually wander around us but can't be seen, just can be felt. There are pocong, jaelangkung, kuntilanak, tuyul, leak, genderuwo, buto ijo, etc.

For me, what I really hope exist is something more scientific and world legend such UFO, atlantis, yeti, nessy. I can't say that they are actually existing because there are no real evidents. There are only some photos or stories from people admit that they have seen them.

If they actually exist, I hope they are kind and good. It's too scary to think, for example UFO, are bad creatures and they will invade us. Haha, I wish they can borrow their jet so I can explore the wide space, and maybe visit their world :P

nb: me just waking up, so this post is about half fantasizing... :D