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dark maid


MY LIFE: My stories

and the story goes on...

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Watching 3 Movies in a Week
lonely rain
This week, I have watched 3 movies. KAHAANI, 5 CM, and THE HOBBITS

First, Kahaani. The story is about a pregnant woman who is in searching of his missing husband. As the story goes, there's a big picture in the missingness of his husband. She try to discover the truth and you'll never expected the ending. I must say that this movie is awesome, not just typical indian movies. Rate of 5 stars, I give it 5 stars!!!

Second, 5 cm. The story tells about friendship of 5 people. One day they decided to part way for about 3 month and focus to their pending goals. After 3 month passed, They meet again and the adventure is starting. I think this movie can be categorized as tourism promotional video of Indonesia since it sells the beauty of some Indonesian places.
Fortunately the ending is good because I felt that the story is too boring. Sometimes I also laughed since the main actor is funny too. I give it 3 stars.

The last one, The Hobbits. It has relation with my favourite movie, The Lord of The Rings. The story is about Bilbo Baggins's adventure. Bilbo is Frodo's grandfather. Gandalf still plays in this movie. The story is good. I think you should watch it yourself. I give it 4 stars

Ok, that's from me. Have a nice sunday!!!