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dark maid


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The Result of My Toefl iBt test
dark maid
So, on mid of last month, I took a TOEFL iBT test. This test is needed as a requirement for MBA scholarship provided by my company. The minimum requirement score for the next phase is 90, and luckily I was able to hit 91.

I already submited my score to the judging team, and at the same day, I got email from the team to invite me to attend class for GMAT preparation for 1 month, starting this July 15th.

I still have a duty to achieve score 100 for TOEFL iBT and 600 for GMAT. I know that I need to study harder from now on. FYI, for the result test above, I only spared 1 week to focus on studying before the test. I know for sure, if I give my effort a little further, I can reach the target.

Anyway, about this MBA program, my company offers us it's employee to pursue our study to MBA level. However, we are only allowed to choose one of the top 50 MBA school in the world. Which school that I will take if I can pass the all test here? Dunno, maybe I will consult with my peers who have gone abroad prior to us. I think, I will also search the informations on the internet. I'm sure there are many articles available which can give us more information about recommended school that we can pick as options.

So guys, please kindly pray for me. You know, this is such big opportunity for me. The school is for free, I will give it a shot at my best effort!!!